Includes 25 servings of Dose My Coffee™

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  • A complimentary gold engraved microdosing spoon (check em out)

Dose My Coffee™ is the safest & most effective way to upgrade your daily coffee ritual.

It's a complimentary blend of adaptogens and 100% natural nootropics that pair perfectly with a single cup of coffee to help you feel your best, while balancing out the negative effects of a standard cup of coffee.

Make dosing your coffee part of your daily routine for an upgraded life.*

Scientifically Proven to:

  • Reduce jitters and alleviate anxiety
  • Increase focus and improve memory recall
  • Relieve adrenal fatigue and quell mid-day coffee crash
  • Enhance brain activity and induce alpha brain state
  1. Place teaspoon of Dose My Coffee in the bottom of your mug
  2. Pour your favorite coffee on top
  3. Sip easy and enjoy life with more focus and less anxiety

*One teaspoon is formulated to balance the effects of an 8 oz cup of coffee. This L-Theanine to Caffeine ratio has been clinically proven to reduce jitters and induce alpha brain state.

**Dose My Coffee™ works best in hot coffee, and might need a little stir if clumping occurs.

Raw Ecuadorian Cacao*, Peruvian Maca*, Lion's Mane Mushroom**, Reishi Mushroom**, L-Theanine*, Tocotrionels*

* 100% organic ingredients

**All of our mushrooms are dual-extracted from fruiting bodies.