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August 09, 2021 2 min read

Health Benefits of Maca

If you’ve been on the superfood health train in the last ten years, you’ve definitely heard about Maca! So what’s all the rage? What is it and what does it actually do?

Maca is a plant grown in the highlands of Peru and has been used medicinally by the indigenous population for over 500 years. Recent interest in the plant has prompted new research, which has produced astounding results. 

One of the most commonly known benefits of Maca is its role in aiding sexual dysfunction. A 2002 study found that the administration of Maca increased sexual desire in adult men after only 8 weeks of treatment. Various other studies have been conducted on the role of Maca in sexual health that suggest that using Maca as a supplement may increase libido. Sounds good, right? But what else?

Maca also contains high amounts of potassium, an important nutrient involved in decreasing the risk of hypertension. Its secondary metabolites also suggest the ability to decrease blood pressure. 

Not only does Maca have tremendous physical benefits, studies on mice found significant increase in memory and learning. In Peru, Maca has been given to school children for centuries because it is believed to support the mind in the learning process. 

Maca is also high in antioxidants which makes it effective in treating diseases related to oxidative stress such as cancer and diabetes. 

Not convinced yet? Don’t worry, it gets better.

Maca has proven to assist in elevating mood and enhancing performance. One study showed a reduction in self-reported anxiety and depression inventories after using Maca. 

In addition, a study of cyclists showed an improved performance time after 14 days of use, suggesting that Maca may be an energizer.

With the implications of this new research it is safe to say that Maca has many potential benefits, both physical and mental. There’s no wonder we had to include it in Dose My Coffee!

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